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Lauri Gwilt

Since 1999 Lauri has worked with thousands of people from all over North America as a consultant and facilitator, assisting large corporations, government and Aboriginal communities to create healthy cultures. At the heart of this work has been the use of cognitive psychological concepts and tools that help folks understand the connection between their thinking, and how their lives go – both personally and professionally.

A passionate and spirited presenter, Lauri has received Young Entrepreneur Award nominations as well as recognition from provincial and national publications in Canada.

While her work takes her to many interesting places all over the continent, she is always grateful to come home to paradise, where she lives with her family on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Dewitt’s uncomplicated yet profound messages have always been a perfect fit with Lauri’s work and her approach to life, which is why it has been so natural to partner closely with him to create this wonderful website.