by Tania Carriere

July 09, 2017

*** Dance like nobody’s watching ***

This used to be my motto.

I’ve leaned on it when I’ve needed courage and freedom in all areas of my life, including dance; a passion that I have relegated to the impromptu dance parties in my kitchen, where I can be free to really let go and enjoy the movement.

I needed the motto because in Dance and in so many other things, my fear of judgement, of not “… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

July 02, 2017

I celebrate that there are places which bring forth clarity and simplicity in me. I’m far from alone in this: most of us have beautiful, personal places of refuge where everything feels right and just seems to make sense. When we’re in one of them, priorities are clear. We know where we’re meant to be, who we’re meant to be with, what we’ve come to this life to do. If only for a moment, we’re fully immersed in the acute… READ MORE


by Russell Adcox

June 26, 2017

Of all of the icons of our son’s childhood that will eventually give way to cars and girlfriends and, ultimately, adulthood, I believe the one I will miss the most is this sad looking, worn out, ragged little stuffed bear.  Her name is “Jolly”.  She was given to him on his 1st birthday by his aunt and uncle. For reasons understood only by scientists specializing in the study of children and teddy bears, they have been… READ MORE