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by Eric Alan

December 17, 2017

As countless people prepare to endure airport indignities during the holidays, it’s worth remembering that flying is magic. That is still true, in my view, no matter how many times I have to take off my shoes, get inappropriately patted down, and arrive early for delayed flights that conspire to steal my luggage. Those hassles are merely the price of soaring, after all. They are not flying itself.

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by Tania Carriere

December 03, 2017

Recently I sat in a circle with 16 other women who came together on retreat in Hawaii to reclaim their Re-Imagined Selves. Stepping into the courage of “who I wish to become” requires first that we stand openly in acceptance and acknowledgement of who we are.

It was the second day, they were looking at photos of themselves.

It was quieter than quiet.

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by Eric Alan

November 18, 2017

One of the most useful, practical gifts I’ve been given this year is a rock. A river stone, to be more specific, clad in leather and with one simple word engraved on it: “Gratitude.”


It’s a word that changes everything, if we embrace it, internalize it, live it despite the difficulty of our conditions. I’m far from perfect at the practice, which is why the stone is so useful. When I pick it up, feel the… READ MORE