by Tania Carriere

June 29, 2014

When Dewitt asked me to contribute to this site he said my blogging challenge was to notice, photograph and write about a moment of celebration – not necessarily the helium balloon kind of celebration – though those are fun – but also the celebrations that show up as a stirring of the heart, a reckoning of the soul, a tremble of possibility. Actually I thought I knew that landscape quite well but, as… READ MORE

by Eric Alan

June 22, 2014


Staring into the mesmerizing geothermal waters of Wilbur Hot Springs, I celebrate a sense of homecoming. It’s not just that I once lived here; it’s also that I’ve always belonged in some deeper sense. I’m made from the waters and earth and sky that cradle it all. It’s more tangible here, closer to the core.

Within that sense of belonging, these precious waters and the people who seek them… READ MORE


by Guest

June 14, 2014

“Don’t be breakin’ that camera now!” The voice startled me out of deep concentration as I was composing a flower image at a nursery in Riverside, CA. My wife, Marti, and I were there to buy plants for the spring planting of our front yard. I turned suddenly to find Jerry, a leathery older man, standing right behind me wearing a Caterpillar cap and pushing a plant cart.
He just stood there smiling at me. He said, “..… READ MORE