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by Eric Alan

September 14, 2014


At any given moment, someone somewhere is singing a song, making the world more beautiful through the music they’re creating. With music constantly pouring forth through the conduit of souls, there probably hasn’t been a moment for tens of thousands of years in which music wasn’t being created. That’s almost overwhelming to grasp—and worth a celebratory song in itself.


I felt deep immersion in that… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

September 07, 2014

Many times I’ve asked myself, “Why am I making more images?”  “Why don’t I simply look and appreciate the visual banquet laid before me?” I certainly don’t need  any more images, nor does the world. There are gazillions of them out there - enough to satisfy even the most greedy eyes.
Sure, I can come up with justifications readily enough but the real reason is:  it itches!… READ MORE

by Lauri Gwilt

September 03, 2014

It took a single visit for it to become an annual adventure. Each summer the four of us set out on what could only be described as a pilgrimage with everything we'll need for our adventure in tow, including a boat-load of child-like wonder and excitement for what we will experience this time.

The destination is Telegraph Cove on the north end of Vancouver Island; a tiny coastal village rich in color, history, and… READ MORE