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by Eric Alan

August 04, 2018

Time is apparently a liquid, like water, lava, traffic and emotions. So much is fluid in this world  that all of life seems to follow the habits of water to some degree. When water is a primary basis of life, why should that surprise me? Maybe it’s so obvious that it’s sometimes difficult to notice, like it’s difficult to notice air until there suddenly isn’t enough to breathe.


Every summer when the… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

July 20, 2018

Every one of us has a story, and the day I started telling mine differently, is the day that turned what could have been my greatest obstacle into opportunity. 

The quick snapshot is a single parent, alcoholic home, left to fend for myself at thirteen years of age.  I’m tempted to say that I’ll spare you the details, but in truth, it’s more like I’d be sparing myself the details of that story…or at… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

July 15, 2018

It happened again yesterday. I was on the bus watching the stops go by and witnessing the kindness of a boy giving up his seat.