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by Eric Alan

February 16, 2019

I’ve come to celebrate winter rather than resist it, which has enlivened my love for the entire cycle of seasons. I love winter’s long nights and their extended opportunities for rest and imagination. Storms encourage inner slowness and home time. Embracing that gives me the rejuvenation of hibernation. With every winter, I choose a creative focus, so that I’ll emerge into spring with something new to give and share. Doing… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

February 02, 2019

I’m inspired by a baby who infected my mindspace on a long-haul flight recently. As we all tried to find the patience to wait through an extended delay, buckled-in and caught up in inconvenience and worry, we tensed at the squawk that let us know that a baby a couple rows back had woken up. I sat in dread, sure a delay coupled with a crying baby might just push me over the edge. 

When all of a sudden… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

January 26, 2019

It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the year it is, or what corner of the world we happen to be in, as global citizens we share a common practice. When it’s time for the greatest show on earth, we decidedly drop whatever we’re doing for a few moments and turn our attention to the sky, the horizon, or if we’re lucky, both. Whether the sun is rising or setting, for those few moments nothing… READ MORE